Why Theresa Caballero?

Theresa Caballero has many proven years of advocating for her clients. Ms. Caballero has many years of previous experience as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. Ms. Caballero believes in open communication with her clients and personally addresses all of her client’s legal needs. She has a strong understanding of all of your legal rights and consistently delivers strong results to all of her clients.
Ms. Caballero’s primary areas of practice include:

  • Child protective services,
  • Criminal law, and
  • Military law.

Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, Ms. Caballero has the experience to help you through the legal system.
Ms. Caballero has proven to be committed to fighting for your rights.

Hablamos EspaÑol

La Srta. Caballero habla español. La Srta. Caballero le puede atender en su idioma y proveerle de todos los servicios legales que necesite.

Legal Services

Child Protective Services

Theresa Caballero has been protecting Texas families for many years. Read More

Criminal Law

Attorney Theresa Caballero is an El Paso based criminal defense attorney. Read More

Military Law

Theresa Caballero has many years of experience defending the rights of American soldiers in military courts. Read More


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